Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strange Days

I always find that this is a strange time of year. Strange in the way that time seems to elapse more quickly. I've just noticed that five days have passed since my last post. There always seems to be so much on the go when you get into the halloween to Christmas corridor.

I have been polishing up a story for 52 Stitches, who will be re-opening for submissions on October 31. I've also been compiling notes for the NaNo this year. Yikes! A mere 4 days away. As a practice for this, I have been getting up at 6:15am each morning to get together my notes that I have scattered all over the place. The early start also gives me extra time to read the fine blogs of others. As a result, I have found a couple of things to bring to your attention.

First, Erin Cole has been hosting some amazing horror stories at her blog Listen to the Voices. The 13 Days of Horror has been a great lead-up to halloween with writers such as Michael J. Solender, Laurita Miller, Barry J. Northern, and Paul D. Brazill. I know what you're thinking...that's a lot of initials talent. Most of you are probably familiar with today's guest writer, Angel Zapata. Do yourself a favour and check out Erin's blog for some halloween horrors...if you dare!

Most of you are also familiar with Brenton Tomlinson over at Musings of an Aussie Writer. He will be editing the first anthology for Blade Red Press: Blade Red Dark Pages, Volume 1. This sounds like a high quality publication and, with BT at the helm, you know that they will print only the best. You can check out thier submission guidlines here, but keep in mind that submissions close on November 30.

I will now get to my paid work. I realize that I have been pimping a lot this morning but fear not...I will have a hot shower and give myself a good scrubbing!


K.C. Shaw said...

Woot for BT! I'll have to go congratulate him.

I'm starting to get seriously freaked about Nano, and then I remind myself that it's supposed to be for fun anyway. But I still need to figure out what I'm going to write about, eek.

Cate Gardner said...

Good luck with 52 Stitches, Alan. I'm still searching for an idea... Must check under my desk again. ;)

Natalie L. Sin said...

I love October, even with its time hastening properties. Winter, on the other hand, goes on forever : P

katey said...

Yeah, October is definitely when things start picking up-- it's shocking really. And more every year :/

Good luck with the notes compilation. That's one of my favorite parts of writing a book, just arranging the info I've collected for god knows how long and starting to get the picture a little more clearly.

Aaron Polson said...

Strange days indeed. It will be a fine season.

BT said...

Thanks for the pimpage, Al.

Good luck with NaNo. I don't know about you, but time seems to have sped up as the year has progressed. I've been at warp 6 since late March!

I don't think she canna take much more, Captain.

I'll leave now.

Laurita said...

Good luck with 52 Stitches and with Nano. It's a great time of year for writing.

Oh, and thanks for the mention. :)

Alan W. Davidson said...

KC-I'll try to have fun with NaNo, until about day 4 when my outline is taking me no further.

Cate-Good luck in finding that idea. Perhaps in the dark recesses of the closet?

Natalie-The forever winter thing is so true. We lose sight of the grass in December and don't see it again until April.

Katey-Thanks for the luck! My notes are total chaos! (and not in the fun- Get Smart! sort of way)

Aaron-I agree totally (if we can keep away from that swine thingy...)

BT-Your welcome. You write such fine book reviews, I believe that you'll do great in the editing business.

Laurita-Thanks for the luck (every little bit helps). I loved the story, my pleasure to throw your name out there!)

Helen Ginger said...

Best of luck with both NaNo and 52 Stitches (love the name, 52 Stitches, by the way). And, pimp away. It's good to get introduced to new people. Thanks.

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