Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Little P & R (pimping and rioting)

I have been avoiding TV and Internet stories about the rioting in England the past few days. It's a bit like a car crash, though, isn't it? You avert your eyes yet still take a peek on the way past to safer ground. I was shocked at the rioting in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup finals, but Britain has elevated it to a whole new level. I'm all for rightful protest and even a little civil disobedience where required but there seems no point to what has been going on in London...and Manchester...and Liverpool....and...

Anyway, I won't go on about it but my thoughts go out to my writing friends living in those cities and wish them all a quick return to normal (whatever one's definition of THAT may be).

I'll be out of town for a few days. As in no Internet access. Not quite living under plastic in the wilds but still no means of keeping up with the bloggy worlds of my friends. And speaking of friends...

I've been a lazy sod for weeks as far as writing is concerned. Not so for some of my longest running cyber-buddies:

Cate Gardner is a going concern at her blog. Her novella Barbed Wire Hearts will be published by Delerium Books in November 2011. Also...her novel Nowhere Hall will be published by Spectral Press in September 2011. Cate is a fine example of how hard work pays off, even for those that work a day job.

KV (katey) Taylor is a busy girl, what with the blog Spec Fic and Nonsense AND taking care of business at The Red Penny Papers, that fine quarterly electronic journal. Somehow she even finds time to write (I'm so jealous). Her debut novel Scripped, an Appalachian Faerie Tale, is available to pre-order from Belfire Press.

"In an attempt to escape constant arguing, Jonah Gray wanders away from the family cabin deep in the West Virginia wilderness. But he wanders too far, over the borders to a Faerie land that could only exist in Appalachia.

Faerie-napping, cold knives, underground oppressors, horror stories, and unwilling affections threaten to suck him forever into their desolate Company Town. If they do, he’ll lose himself in every way possible.

You might escape the fae, but you can never go home. Not really."

And finally, my pal K.C. Shaw's The Taste of Magic has been released as an ebook from Etopia Press.

"Analefa Miradwen has spent the last ten years avoiding vampires. She knows her blood is a delicacy, but she doesn’t want to share. Not after the last time, which nearly left her dead.

When the vampire mage Magnus begins stalking her, Ana turns to the King’s Enforcer for help. Vincent Ondarr has the manpower and the magic-power to keep her safe. According to him, Ana’s blood doesn’t just taste good, it enhances a mage’s magic.

The trouble is, Vincent’s a vampire mage too. If Ana wants to keep her blood to herself, she’ll have to figure out which one of them she can trust. And what exactly Magnus wants from her..."


Jarmara Falconer said...

Hi Alan, I live in the country and I'm shocked by what is going on... As far as I'm concerned it just people to lazy to work for a live and quick to steal from other. When the area they live in has been turned into a wasteland they expect the rest of hard working community to step in and help them out.

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Have a wonderful holiday, Alan! We'll be waiting for your return with bated breath!

Cate Gardner said...

On the whole the 'riots' were more about looting than protest. At least it didn't spread to your homeland. Enjoy your break and thank you for the plug. (it's an 'Abundance of Katherines) :D

Entre Nous said...

Oh ALan I love Alan The Vain, so cute! Still can't comment ass ENTRES NOUS! Gotta get the desk top fixed, sons notebook is hinky! PAIN! XO

John Wiswell said...

I hope your visit out of town is pleasant, Alan! We'll keep the place warm for you.

I had an easier time avoiding the London story than I'd thought. What with the Syria business, there were even more grave stories to follow.

Sue H said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Alan. It's been hard to watch the violence in Tottenham, Enfield, Edmonton - all places husband's family hail from - in fact, we were married a stone's throw (oops - unfortunate choice of words!) from Enfield. Sad times that gave shocked the nation :-(

Laurita said...

Well, aren't you the ultra-pimp. Thaks for the heads up on all the reads, and congrats to the authors.

Hope you have a good time on your travels, and good weather too.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Thanks for all the comments. The past few days of being 'unplugged' were nice.

We quickly toured the west coast of the island (about a 9 hour drive from here) and went as far north as Gros Morne National Park. Will post a few photos soon.

Katey said...

It is so, so kind of you to give us this attention on your blog, Alan! I am flattered and honored!

Also, I hope your book and chapbook have made it to you. Two days after I sent it, I found your little thank you note... in the bottom of my purse. I'm so sorry it didn't get to you, but it effectively said that you are super awesome and, yes, thank you :D

Katey said...

Also, holy crap, that is "an abundance of Katherines." Or Catherines. Or Kathryns. Nice.