Tuesday, June 15, 2010

American Week Farewell *sniff*

Cathy Olliffe is in the homestretch of her American Weeks and her interview with Lou Freshwater is up today, followed by Lou's story 'Lucille.' I highly recommend you check the story out...walk in her shows for a mile or two. Tony Noland is the final feature tonight and I'm looking forward to it.

I am awe-struck at the work Cathy has put into this project the past couple of weeks. Longer, actually. I can't imagine how much research she did with each person to assemble such fine interviews weaving fun, fact and fiction. Many of them were nothing short of brilliant. I'm sure that I'm not the only one thinking she should be working for a big newspaper, putting together features of people for a living. It's also evident she spent a lot of time putting together some very creative photo shop images of the featured writers. She was so busy, in fact, that she had little time to enjoy her hobby: splitting wood. Some of the featured writers follow this blog, so I'm sort of 'preaching to the converted', but if you don't follow the #Fridayflash crowd, check out Cathy's interviews and the presented stories from these fine American writers, essayists, poets, humourists, artists...

It's a bit sad to see the features end as I was having so much fun getting to know some of the writers better through their stories and interviews. I am happy, though, to have learned more about people who's work I have only recently started to follow and to have met a few new friends. Umm...there were a couple of comments on my last post regarding my fez so I decided to unearth a certain photo of me for your amusement and to tip my hat in honour of Cathy's interviews (well...I'm not really tipping it, but you get the idea). I'm sure there's a couple of you disappointed to see that I am wearing more than a clear rain-slicker. And chaps.

Here is a link to Cathy Olliffe's blog Life on the Muskoka River. You can scroll back to late May on her site to catch all of the featured American writers. I have listed them below and you can also link to their blogs by clicking on their names.

Micheal J. Solender~ not from here, are you?

Shannon Esposito~ Murder in Paradise

Carrie Clevenger~ Mindspeak

Mark Kerstetter~ The Bricoleur

Peggy McFarland~ Eldritch Way

Anthony Venutolo~ Bukowski's Basement

CJ Hodges-MacFarlane~ Mostly Other Things

Lou Freshwater~ Baby's Black Balloon

Tony Noland~ Landless


Laurita said...

I haven't had a chance to read all of the American week entries yet so I still have some fun left. Cathy did do a fabulous job of putting the interviews together. I am in awe of her attention to detail.

Nice to see the fez again. Think you can break it out for our coffee meet? :D

Michael Solender said...

I think you need a little yellow tassel on the top of that fez and how about a smile instead of a scowl - you trying to scare us??!@!??

K.Hinny said...

HEY! it's your Fez!! :D

The American Week sounds incredible, and I'm sorry to say that I haven't had the opportunity to read any of these stories/interviews. Thanks for letting us know Alan, now I know what to do with my down time.

Cathy Olliffe said...

You are a DARLING boy! I've been giggling like a loon over this; I also sent it to all my friends for admiration. Oh, and my mother! Thanks for taking such an interest. I don't know what I did to deserve it but I am grateful, not only for this, but for you being such a pal.
But guess what!
The American experience continues for one more night after Tony. I just found out a colleague of mine is leaving and moving to Arizona to be with her family. She just got her citizenship so now she's all-American. Tracy Nita Pender is also a talented writer, a member of my Writer's Circle and a participant in the Muskoka Novel Marathon (which I am entering for the first time this year; am terrified about; and am seeking sponsors because it's also a fundraiser for literacy.)
Tracy doesn't have a blog – yet – but her story, 'Algonquin', is truly beautiful. Please drop by tomorrow night and say hello.
Thank you Alan.
You. Are. The. Best.

kathryn said...

Yeah...I've been remiss in following through on everything I've wanted to read. So, now I'm starting at 4am when the rest of blogville slumbers....hopefully I can read at least a few of Cathy's wonderful interviews.

K.C. Shaw said...

Okay, you in a fez? Best picture ever! And you look so serious, like the fez is helping you think very deep thoughts.

Bukowski's Basement said...

Yes, Alan ... Cathy certainly brought it. She can have a job any day when I run my newspaper.

And man, what a grrrrrrrrreatttt pic of you, man... Doesn't get cool than the fez.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Laurita- Hope you've had a chance (and time) to go back and read all the American stories.

Sure I could bring it along for coffee, but it would be you wearing it!

Micheal- There is a black one to the side of the fez, it's a bit hard to see unless you click on the pic to zoom in a bit. The scowl? I notice that there is work on the monitor behind me, guess that I was doing my paying job instead of writing when the photo was taken.

Kara- I'd highly recommend you to back and read both Cathy's interviews and the flash stories that follow. I found it easier to break it into two sessions for each person.

Cathy- You're welcome! Wow, you're going to be in a marathon...my heart's racing at such a thought...wait, you said 'Novel Marathon'. Is it a bit like the NaNoWriMo in November? Good luck!
I will surely jump over to read Tracy's story coz she's an honourary American for sure.

Kathryn- For sure you should visit for some of the interviews and stories. Very 'snort-worthy'. The photoshopping was hilarious as well.

KC- My work puts that look on my face...I also don't like getting my picture taken. Yeah, deep thoughts, that's what it was. A great story was in progress, that's what it was...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Anthony- Hey, if you're starting up a paper consider me for the delivery boy job. Thanks for the fez compliment, Ant. Next time I'll post the one where I'm smiling and standing next to Elvis!