Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I figured that for the final post of the year I would dredge up some humour. Couldn't find any. As a result, I again resorted to posting an old photo of me wearing a goofy hat. My mum took this when I was a wee lad, back when Kennedy was still around. I figured my 'girl-fans' would appreciate seeing me in a cool hat and tightie-whities. My 'guy-fans' will just have to avert their eyes.

For most people, New Years eve is about the social gatherings and the eating and drinking. I'm not much into going out for that. I prefer a quieter night at home, watching the Dick Clark Ryan Seacrest and the ball dropping in Times Square and all of that. The new year has never been a big deal for me. Perhaps it's because I try to think of the progress of time as less a cyclical, yearly thing and more a linear progression. Hope that doesn't come across as philosophical.

A lot of people will make promises today on how they will better themselves in the upcoming year. I prefer not to make resolutions. I figure that if you can't make those choices to better yourself at any point during the year, why make them on New Year's eve when you're drunk and silly. Or on New Years day when you are hung over. Here is a list of things that I probably won't do to better myself:

  • I shall get more weekly exercise than running about, wheezing for an hour while playing basketball with a bunch of geriatric men svelt athletes. Perhaps I will walk the dog more. Maybe even dig out the old Richard Simmons "Sweatin' to the Oldies" VHS tapes (1 through 5) and my satin shorts from that unmarked box in the crawlspace.
  • I shall eat less junk food.  I shall try harder to use a napkin while eating soft ice cream.
  • Perhaps 2011 will be the year I throw away that old rotary phone and embrace technology and buy myself a cell phone.
  • This will be the year that I stop watching reality TV shows coz there's enough reality in my own life.
  • I shall be more tolerant of the kids from the neighbouring Junior High School and try to curse them out less when they throw litter on my lawn or kick over my garbage cans.
  • I shall contribute to the #fridayflash scene more with short stories.
  • I shall finally start working on that long-term novel project (sighs).
  • I shall dry-clean my fez this year. The odour of camel is getting a bit much.
  • I shall shave off all of my hair again this year...yeah, right!...I love my silver mane too much. However, my good friend Laurita Miller of Brian Droppings is taking the plunge and participating in this year's Shave for the Brave to raise money (her goal is $2000) to help young people dealing with cancer. A fantastic thing for Laurita to do and a very worthy cause. I believe this link will take you to her fundraising page and this link will take you to the home page for Shave for the Brave.
I have yet again rambled on for too long. I'll close here wishing all my family and friends a great 2011. Health and happiness to you all (Alan toasts you all with his mug of hot chocolate). To steal a line from an old song...this year will be a good bright, in fact, that you'll have to wear shades.



Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Happy New Year, Alan, to you and V and The Boy and Jet, too! Love, love, love the baby photo! I knew you were a tighty-whitey man! Your non-resolutions are hilarious and congrats on mentioning Laurita's head-shaving. What a brave woman she is!

David Barber said...

You were a cute baby, Alan! Ha! Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a great night and keep safe and warm. Peace!

Love you quote of the day as well. Relation?? ;-)

Cate Gardner said...

Have a fabulous New Year, Alan.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Happy New Year, Alan! have a rotary phone? I WANT IT!!!

Jarmara Falconer said...

Happy New Year 2011 to you and yours

Laurita said...

Happy New Year to the whole Davidson clan. Great picture, and even better list of resolutions. Thanks for the shout out too. :)

I look forward to raising a cup of New Year grog with you in the near future. In fact, I'll raise one to you right now. Sláinte!

Alan W. Davidson said...

Cathy- Many thanks. Best Wishes to you and all the men in your life (sorry, that didn't sound right...) True, my dirty laundry is now revealed.

David- Yep, it's a good quote. And I kinda look like him after the wind has blown my hair.

Cate- Thanks very much Cate. Same back at ya!

Elspeth- Just made that part up. Though I do remember using them as a boy. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Jarmara- Thanks. Happy 2011 to you as well.

Laurita- Thank you kindly. Glad you liked the picture...had to dig deep in the Davidson archives for that! We're all proud of you for donating your hair to a worthy cause. It takes hardly any time at all to grow back. In the mean time, I'll loan ya the fez! (OK, maybe something with a bit more coverage...)

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Wow, you were even born with a beard - cool. Happy New Year.

John Wiswell said...

Good luck on the exercise and literary productivity, oh bearded one. Happy New Year!

... Paige said...

Happy New Year and grrrroowl for the pic

K.C. Shaw said...

Happy New Year! I love the baby pic. :) My mom and I spent last night watching comedies and laughing our heads off, not a bad way to end the old year and bring in the new. 2011 is going to be a good one for all of us, I hope!

Akasha Savage. said...

Happy 2011 xx

Natalie L. Sin said...

HappY New Year : ) Nice diaper!

Alan W. Davidson said...

Wendy- Yep, the Scottish are a hairy bunch. Happy New Year to you as well.

John- Thanks for the New Year greetings, my friend. I'm sure that I'll fail miserably at both, but will give it the old college try.

Paige- Har! That's a funny reaction. Best wishes to you for the New Year!

KC- Sounds like it was a nice, quiet evening at home. I'm holding the same optimism as you for this year. All the best to you and your mom.

Akasha- Thanks very much for the greetings.

Nat- Glad you like the diaper. When my milk is spiked I end up wearing it like a party hat.

Erin Cole said...

Love that photo- and the list. Tell it like it is. I can't fool myself either. : )
Cheers to you, Alan!

Michael Solender said...

HNY Alan, you look great in your birthday suit! All good things to you at the edge of it all!

Anonymous said...

You look SO MUCH like my father in that picture that I think I'm scarred for life. Seriously. I might sidle up to you and ask for the car keys.

Here's a pic of my dad, but his beard is all white now. I hope never to see tighty whiteys every again! :D


J. M. Strother said...

Hard to believe you had such a full beard at such a young age. Wow.

Happy New Year, Alan. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a spectacular 2011.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Erin- Glad that you approve of both the list and photo.

Michael- HNY to you and your sweetie as well. I figured I'd post the conservative photo where I'm actually WEARING the diaper!

Mercedes- That IS a scary resemblence to your dad. I tried the goatee once and shaved it off right away coz I thought it made my thighs look I'm feeling old...

Jon- Yes sir. My mother told me it was because I was bottle fed and it was something in the water. Hope that you and yours had a fine time over Christmas and New Years as well.

Lou Freshwater said...

Ha, loved this so much. As usual, witty and a pleasure to read. And I am also swearing off reality shows. Maybe.

Happy New Year, and looking forward to all those stories!

Katey said...

I have no doubt that you'll fulfill your resolutions, Alan. You're a get it done kinda guy. :D