Thursday, January 6, 2011


In the past 24 hours, there have been a couple of stories in the media demonstrating that nothing is a sure thing. I'll get this off my chest first. First example is the loss of the final hockey game in the World Junior Hockey championships--pauses to wipe tear from eye--. Canada had a 3-0 lead going into the final period and gave up 5 unanswered goals. Now who would predict that. I was so upset that I dropped my poutine, causing me to almost spill my Molson Canadian (note...I am receiving no remuneration for the endorsement of that beverage).

What's next...1000 birds dropping dead from the sky? We up north have gotten pretty cocky with the whole 'hockey supremacy' thing and perhaps had to be knocked down a peg. Now we know how the Americans have felt the past few years. I shall again try to embed a video showing a little of the Russian celebration at the end of the game. A lot of hyper young men there...

I understand the celebrations were so boisterous that at about 6am this morning they were turned away by Delta airlines at the Buffalo airport for being unruly. They were sleeping it off this afternoon. Boys will be boys.

The second example of the unpredictable is the story of a homeless man by the name of Ted Williams. Unless you've lived under a rock the past couple of days, you've probably heard the story of the 53 year old man with 'the golden voice' a number of times in the media. I don't think I need to get into specifics but the homeless man in Cleveland demonstrated his radio voice to a TV news crew, I think on Monday, and by today he has several job offers, was interviewed by ET, CBS, and was reunited with his mother this afternoon. Apparently they will be on the Today show tomorrow morning. There has been a bit of criticism that, Yes this man was helped---but what about the other millions of homeless. True enough. But lets not over-think this. Something nice was done for one person. We hear too much about murder, flooding, terrorism and war in the news. Don't we have the right to have a 'feel-good' story once in a while? I wish this man the best and hope he can keep himself clean. Perhaps HE will be the one to champion the cause for the homeless.

Below is that much publicized interview of Mr. Williams in Cleveland. And yes...I finally figured out how to embed a video in the blog.

Thanks for asking.


Aaron Polson said...

Mr. Williams blows my mind. Truly remarkable. Sorry about the hockey, eh?

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Isn't that how it always is, though. Grab the goals by the horns, as it were, and then apparently feel sorry for the other guys and let them take it. Oh, I know I'm Canadian, but I prefer Guiness. Ya, ya, put that down, remember - I'm a woman.

Laura Eno said...

Mr Williams is awe-inspiring.

Be like me...don't think about hockey at all
*ducks before you throw something at me*

Jhon Baker said...

Thanks for bringing me out from under the rock.

Katey said...

That's too bad about the hockey, eh?

Oh wait, Aaron already made that joke. Dammit!

Great stories though, and totally a study in the impossibility of predicting--anything.

I moved my site, by the way. There's no /welcome on the end, so it's screwing up rss feeds everywhere. I'm still alive, though!

Rebecca Nazar said...

Ted's going to be the new voice of Kraft Mac n' Cheese, a staple at my house.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

I don't want to discuss that hockey game. Ever. My only explanation is that they forgot there are THREE periods of hockey in a game, not two.

Laurita said...

That's the first I heard of that guy, but I always knew I lived under a rock. What an amazing voice.

I shed a few tears into my Molson Canadian in the third period. :(

Karen from Mentor said...

*hands Alan a brewski and says "there, there"*

[poor thing]

David Barber said...

Alan, that guy does have a fantastic voice. Almost as smooth as James Earl Jones's voice. He been on the news over here.

Unlucky with the hockey. I've got a mate back in Manchester who has been all over the world watching it. He was in Canada a few years ago watching it. I've never been to into it myself...apart from watching the fights!! ;-)

Alan W. Davidson said...

Grrr....f%$#ing technology strikes again. I had comments typed out to everyone and the internet 'blipped' just as I hit post. Lost the works...I shall put down the abbreviated highlights of what I had typed earlier...

Aaron- We'll get em next year!

Wendy- I lied about the Molson's...I more of a cream ale kinda guy.

Laura- Just you wait, us Canadians will inspire you to buy season's tickets to the Lightning’s games.

Jhon- If my blog does nothing else, it drags an occasional person out from under their rock.

Katey- Thanks for the heads up on your move...I dropped by earlier today.

Becca- Next he'll be on the box of Corn Flakes...They're Grrrrreat! (sorry, eh)

Elspeth- You read my mind.

Laurita- And here I had you pegged as a rye and ginger girl!

Karen- Thanks, you're a pal.

David- Isn't hockey a bit like rugby on ice ('cept with armour). The only fights at the Manchester footy matches are no doubt in the stands!

Laura Eno said...

Alan, when are you gonna learn to COPY all long comments before you hit post? :)

Natalie L. Sin said...

I agree, good news should be embraced for what it is. Also there should be happy dances.