Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Patrick Boivin, new kid on the block

In the summer of 2010, I posted  a blog about one of my 'Bad Movie' nights with the guys. That term is a bit misleading because not all of the short or feature films we watch are necessarily 'Bad.' Some, in fact, do amazing things on a small budget. One of the short films that evening was a dark comedy called 'Le Queloune' (The Clown). I have learned more about the film's director over the past year and have taken in a few of his short films.

Patrick Boivin is a French Canadian film maker out of Montreal. He has amassed quite a following in the YouTube world over the past few years for his short stop-motion animation videos (some of which have over a million hits). I will link to some of his work below but you can see more by clicking on his name.

Mr. Boivin has now ventured into feature length films with his first movie 'Enfin l'Automne' (Fall, Finally). The movie looks at the friendship between two men and a relationship that developes between one of these men and a woman that they both like. It spans about a year time span and is beautifully shot and very professional looking considering it's $45,00 budget. It's about 68 minutes long and well worth a viewing. It has english subtitles but at times no dialogue is necessary as the actors do a great job of conveying thought and emotion through their gestures and facial expression.

The film, in a way, makes Canadian film history as it's the first Candian feature film to debut on YouTube. I think that we'll be seeing a lot more of this man's work on the Canadian film making scene.


Mike Robertson said...

Outrageously cool vids! What a talent!

Karen from Mentor said...

Wow. That'll wake you up. Here I am, bowl of cheerios and cup of tea in hand, gallivanting innocently over to your space only to be hit in the face with scary, scary clowns.

You could have at least followed it up with a cream pie....

But you do get brownie points for (a) not also mentioning mimes and (b) wearing your fez while writing the piece [love the jaunty over the eyebrow look btw]

*goes off to look at pictures of pretty kittens to settle her nerves...*


John Wiswell said...

I hate babies and even I loved the Iron Baby one.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Mike- Yes, I think this guy is going places in the film industry (if he gets investors or funding from the government).

Karen- OOps! Sorry about that...I forgot to put the Scary Clown Warning up front of the post. I'll send you a kitten or two to calm your frayed nerves.

John- Yeah, she's pretty cute in that protective suit. I guess kids do have redeeming qualities after all?