Monday, February 8, 2010

Cheesecake Redux

Sorry, couldn't resist that little bit of drama. You can link to the Batman Comic Generator here. I 'borrowed' it from the Townie Bastard (home of the weird, the wonderful and current events in Newfoundland and Iqaluit). I'm thinking that each of you reading this should create a current events sort of comic and post it on your blog. That would be very cool...and I'm dying to see what Natalie Sin would have Robin say...

Since yesterday's posting about the cheesecake extravaganza of Saturday night (we know how to have a good time in Newfoundland, I tells ya...) a friend of mine posted some photos on his Facebook page. I copied a few for posting here.

Mad Cow/Dolly the sheep, which was apparently in 1996...

Come Home Year (for Newfoundland) in 1966. A nice citrus cheesecake.

I Have a Dream. Martin Luthor King's speech in 1963 about racial harmony. Oreo ice cream cheesecake.

CN Tower. Beginning of construction of the CN tower in Toronto in 1973.

29029-The Ascent. Our chocolate cheesecake (V was the 'architect and I did the one page write up that was to accompany it...) The mountain on top is broken bits of meringue with white chocolate drizzled on top.

Sorry they are so small (I'm Canadian and feel compelled to apologize) but that is how they copied from Facebook. And I promise to never do another cheesecake story again...until this time, next year of course.


Michele Emrath said...

Hilarious, and Yum! I don't know if I'll be bale to handle the Batman challenge, but I'll give it a think.

Great post!


Laurita said...

Never apologise for cheesecake. What a fun way to get together and show off your culinary talents. Everyone should have a contest like this.

Cheesecake's ok for breakfast, right?

Natalie L. Sin said...

There can never be too much cheesecake. You know that : )

Rebecca Nazar said...

Cheese and cake, is there any better combo? Oh, I know, beef and cake.

Laura Eno said...

Maybe I'll come up and visit you next cheesecake season... :)

Paul D. Brazill said...

Oh, thanks for the batman toy. I've gone mad with it.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Michele-I sampled all but one of those shown. Yum, indeed...I couldn't resist the comic strip.

Laurita-I had it for breakfast on Sunday. I'll try to wrangle you an invite for next year...

Natalie-Words to live by. My new family motto.

Becca-Ha! Sorry, none of those there. I'm sure it would be a tough choice for some.

Laura-Ok, it will be an invite for you as well as Laurita. If Prof. Bobo won't allow it, we'll start a cheesecake party of our own!

Paul-You're welcome. I liked how you used it on your blog.

Cathy Olliffe said...

At the risk of sounding boring, I'd like to repeat what I said the other day... mmmmmmmm, cheesecake.

katey said...

Hahaha I love it! Oh Robin, how dare you?

Of course, I'm not sure I could come up with anything funnier than the actual crap Robin and Batman said. Old comics are the best.

Also, cheesecake. Holy crap, beautiful cheesecake!