Monday, May 24, 2010

Contest Prizes

I had a nice couple of days visiting my parents outside of the city. I'm convinced that it's best to commune with nature once in a while...even if it kills me. I will now add to Saturday's post where I announced the Land's Edge flash fiction contest. See previous blog for submission rules/information. I think the best way to handle the giving out of books is to present the facts here and let first place get first pick, second the next pick and third place gets the residuals. Note that I shall cover the postage to wherever you live. The next 5 or so stories get 'honourable mention' status with accompanying bragging rights. All other entries receive my eternal thanks for participating (yeah, I hear you all now...big whoop!). The available prizes of Newfoundland and Labrador literature are:

Livyers World by Robin McGrath. Tuckamore Books, 2007. Trade Paperback, 128 pages.

Livyers World* is a YA science fiction tale set in a future Newfoundland. I came across a great review of this book by Newfoundland writer Trudy Morgan-Cole. She does a much better job of describing this book than I ever could. You can link to her full blog posting here. *Note: according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English, a livyer is a permanent inhabitant or settler along the Newfoundland Coast.

Catherine Snow by Nellie P. Strowbridge. Flanker Press, 2009. Trade Paperback (signed by author), 353 pages.

Catherine Snow is a novel based on the true story of the last woman hanged in Newfoundland in 1834. Here is a link to more information at the Flanker Press web site.

"The balance between fiction and reality provide the reader with an opportunity to empathize with Catherine and her family while obtaining an account of what is known historically."~Atlantic Books Today.

The Custodian of Paradise by Wayne Johnstone. Knopf Canada, 2006. Hardback, 510 pages.

Wayne Johnstone, considered by many to be Newfoundland's finest writer, paints a wonderful portrait of Sheilagh Fielding...renowned wit and eccentric. The novel opens in the final days of World War II with Fielding, tormented by demons from her childhood, moving to a seemingly deserted island off the southern coast of Newfoundland. You can link to a full synopsis here at Mr. Johnstone's website.

I wish to reitterate the non-spitting on judges rule. Also...hate mail is OK, but if you are going to make abusive ph0ne calls to the judges, please don't call collect. And start at Laurita's place first. Thank you, and please pass on news of the contest to your 'writerly' friends.


K.Hinny said...

I actually have a super soaker Alan, does that constitute as spitting or would that be okay? :D

K.Hinny said...

Hey! Left a pimp up at my blog for your contest Alan, hope you don't mind!

Alan W. Davidson said...

Kara- I believe the Super Soaker would qualify as a shower...and that's OK! Thanks for pimping the contest at your blog.

Cathy Olliffe said...

I've been thinking. I'm trying not to come up with anything depressing...that Catherine Snow book looks great, by the way. Hey, where's all your commenters? They must be recuperating from the long weekend.

Karen from Mentor said...

If you publish Laurita's phone number I'll call collect and recite a limerick made just for the occasion. I mean...some random person who sounds a lot like minnie mouse would do that..... not me. And certainly not at three in the morning. Repeatedly.

Natalie L. Sin said...

I use condoms filled with water. Spitting is so crass ; )

Laurita said...

Those are some great prizes. Can I enter and then vote for myself?

In order for a super soaker to count as spitting I think you would have to fill the super soaker with saliva. I probably shouldn't be giving people ideas. The limeric by a minnie mouse sound alike sounded pretty good up until the 3:00 am part.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Cathy- Write something Catherine Snow...umm, I'm hoping folks are too busy writing to comment on this. Perhaps I should be offering gifts of chocolate?

Karen- As long as it's Laurita's go girl! Would you video said call? Perhaps wearing the mouse ears...

Nat- long as they're filled with water. My second choice would be a single malt.

Laurita- Shhh! Don't give away our judging secrets! Perhaps she meant 3am...Pacific Time.

katey said...

Hmmm those DO look like some lovely prizes.

No collect calls. Got it. And I'll try to contain my spit, but I'll tell you now that it won't be easy!