Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ding, Ding...Voting, Round 2

First order of business is to help my friend Laurita Miller rally people together in support of her blog. As previously mentioned, she has been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the Culture and literature section. She came out of the first round with the highest number of votes. Woot! (and I'll have you know that I don't 'woot' very often...). Drop by her blog Brain Droppings and lend your support. She has made it very user friendly--simply click on which of the five contenders you wish to vote for (of course BRAIN DROPPINGS is at the top of the list, in extra large font, in hot pink and flashing intermittently...kidding).

In an effort to fend off my recent malaise, and the ghastly news stories about the disgraced Canadian air force colonel who was sentenced to 25 years for murdering two women, I went in search of mirth online. I found a link to a short video from the show "This Hour has 22 Minutes." The segment is of 80 year old Canadian (specifically a Newfoundlander) acting icon Gordon Pinsent reading from the 'memoirs' of 16 year old Canadian singer Justin Bieber. For those of you not of the Canadian persuasion, Pinsent was most recently starred in "Away From Her" and had a part in "The Shipping News." As my my son noted, it's not what Gordon says that is's the way he delivers his lines that is priceless.

Finally, a bit of animal mirth was sent to my wife by a friend of hers. Some of the photos below may have made the rounds on the internet but I will include them here. Just because. The zombie cat is my favourite.


Natalie L. Sin said...

Ah, Justin Beiber. I tremble to think what profound thoughts he chose to share in his book.

Laurita said...

Well, you succeeded in making me laugh out loud this morning. Good thing I put my coffee down first. That Gordon Pincent video is priceless.

And thanks again for the shout out. Hmmm, pink flashing font. That is an idea....

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

I love Gordon Pinsent - and you know? He is still a hunka burning love at age 80. Best bit -when he rubbed his eyes at what poor Justin had been through with that Bart Simpson haircut. A resounding HAR!
I'm with you on the zombie cat, although the farting dog smile is right up there. That face cracks me up.
Am off to vote for the Lovely Laurita.
Thanks for the giggles, Alan!

Karen from Mentor said...

Been voting every day. [Laurita rocks]

The zombie cat was my favorite. And I think he might be what I heard outside my window night before last.

*double checks the locks*

Laura Eno said...

I've been voting every day!
Thanks for the laughs, love the pictures!

Alan W. Davidson said...

Nat- Bieber's thoughts, I am sure, are most profound...aren't all 16 year olds?

Laurita- I hope that I'm as much of a skalliwag as Pinsent should I be lucky enough to make it to 80.

Cathy- Yep, he's priceless. I think he was robbed not being nominated for an Oscar for his role in "Away From Her."

Karen- You're right, Laurita rocks. Perhaps if you leave dishes of tuna outside it will keep the zombie cats contented.

Laura- Thanks very much, Laura!

John Wiswell said...

That is the best retriever...

Very sweet of you to stump for her like this.

Entre Nous said...

I felt the need to VOTE, and for something that actually makes a difference, hmmm. Loving the animals.