Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Week (so far) in Point Form

  • Monday- Hit in face while playing basketball with the geezers. By a girl. This is my third year playing at the gym on the base and it's the first time that I've seen them invite a girl to play, in order to even up the numbers on each team. She and I were guards on the same side and she rifled a pass at me. Not a regular 60yr old man-pass. But a twenty-something 'I wish I was Nolan Ryan' fastball that clearly indicated she had missed her calling as a baseball pitcher. Luckily my face was angled slightly to the left or I would have surely had a broken nose. The swelling quickly subsided. The embarrassment lingered on.

  • Tuesday- The drafting Overlords at work began cracking the whip for my current job. It is a sizable chunk of steel and Friday marks month-end. Do it now! Grrrrr! Took Sean to cadet Halloween party (he was dressed as a 5'-8" leprechaun with a fez top hat, green bow tie and braces on his teeth).

  • Wednesday- My own WIP requires an ending. And editing. And scary parts. Many folks kindly commented on my last post that they are looking forward to my graveyard #fridayflash story. Must get cracking on this. The clock is friend Laurita Miller over at Brain Droppings announced that she had won the Canadian Blog Award in the Culture and Literature section. A big old Woot! to her and thanks to those of you who popped over and supported her by voting. Sadly my tux and once long, dark hair could not be on hand to see her collect her award. Though should she win a Giller Prize...

  • Thursday (last night)- I dreamed about my neighbour. In some situations that may be considered acceptable...except the guy is 55, retired, balding and overweight. A bit like Jason Alexander except that he can't sing or dance and he's not very funny. Is there something wrong with me? Would I benefit from seeing a professional about this?

(note to self: see if work benefit package covers psychotherapy).


Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Oh, thank you Alan! You made me smile, you made me giggle out loud!
I don't know why it's so funny that you got thwacked in the face by a girl, but it is... sorry about that. And your description of Sean was HILARIOUS. (He'll be exacting his revenge for that one, fer sure.)
Isn't that great about Laurita? It really, really is. And, yes, it would be perfect for someone named Miller to win a Giller.
Good luck with the neighbour dreams and the benefits... he does sound like a cutie-pie. A little old for me, but still.

Laurita said...

Dreaming about one's neighbour's may be an indication that you need to get out more. Like maybe meeting a friend for coffee to discuss writing and what not.

Glad your face is none the worse for wear. A basketball to the schnoz is not a pleasant experience, I'm sure. But I bet it builds character. All the painful stuff does.

Karen from Mentor said...

Wow. Sean really takes halloween to extremes. Imagine getting braces just to keep the authenticity of the leprechaun costume alive.

That's dedication.

*puts ice on your boo boo*

Natalie L. Sin said...

That all depends on WHAT you dreamed about your neighbor ; )

Laura Eno said...

You might not want to hear this, but if you have time to actually put your week into bullet points, you are avoiding your WIP. Does your neighbor have a part in it? Are you considering him as a scary bit...or just a bit? Does he have more than a bit? Did you dream about his bit?

kathryn said...

Oh, Alan. You've had quite the week....and you are very brave (snickers) for sharing it with us.

Ahem. (I'm not smiling...really.)

Am I to believe that Sean's braces were part of the costume? 'Cause I don't remember seeing any leprechauns with braces. Not that I've ever seen a real leprechaun (not lately, anyway....)

Danielle Ferries said...

You make me laugh. Please tell me you're turning your neighbourly dream into a story :)

Alan W. Davidson said...

Cathy- It pleases me that my thwacking in the face can lead to so much pleasure for you.

Laurita- The coffee meeting about writing and whatnots sounds like a grand will bring brownies, won't you?

Karen- Yep, Sean's a stickler for the small details. Figures the braces would make him stand out in a room-full of leprechauns...

Nat- I refuse to discuss my neighbour's bits any more...besides, a gentleman never kisses and tells ;)

Laura- So true about blogging as a way of avoiding the WIP. I avoid whips (and scary bits) as much as possible.

Kathryn- And now that I've shared this with ya'll, I don't want to be reading about it on that internet thingy...wait a minute...?

Danielle- I shall duly note the idea in the 'idea file' for future reference. I am undecided if it will be a comedy or a romance (or perhaps a horror story?!)