Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Personality in Pictures (part II)


katey said...


A big old Gupta Dynasty looking Buddha, too. Hee, I love it.

I take it the one with the lovely lady about to get knocked with a blow up mallet is the promised sister photograph?

Natalie L. Sin said...

Heh heh butt scratching

Aaron Polson said...'re an enigma wrapped up in a mystery.

Hope that chair isn't leather.

Catherine J Gardner said...

So are you really naked and scratching your butt all day. :D

Alan W. Davidson said...

Katey - Yep, the big old in the middle of Hussain Sagar lake in Hyderabad. More info at

Yep, again. My little sister while visiting here 2 years ago (see wasn't feeling well, hence the grumpy look on the face...)

Natalie - We all need a hobbie.

Aaron - Hey, don't think the pics were any odder than the disassembleed computer or robot or dinosaur...

Cate - Not all day :) Tomorrow will again be "pantsless Friday".

katey said...

Gah, my husband has family in Hyderabad! I want to go so badly. Beautiful, seriously.

Leigh Russell said...

What is that animated cartoon of my husband doing on your blog?
Seriously, Alan, I came here via Akasha Savage's blog. You may have read her review of Cut Short, the first in my new series of crime thrillers.
I love your pictures here.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Katey, Hyderabad was quite a contrast of "old India" and modern technology. My two weeks there was taken up mostly by work, but our hosts took us out on a couple of tourism excursions. The also flew us to Goa on a weekend getaway.

Leigh, welcome. The naked guy at the computer is a long-standing joke I have with my co-workers at the company I work for (I work from home, the office is in Ontario). When talking on the phone, I tell them I am only in my underpants (or worst yet, as the picture depicts...)

Well done on your novel. I checked out your blog and see that you have been working hard promoting it at the shops. It looks like the reviews have been great as well. Most of the blogs I follow, or who follow mine, are by folks who write mostly horror, speculative fiction or fantasy. They are mostly American, but there's an Aussie and a couple of Brits as well.

Leigh Russell said...

My husband works from home as well... I must take a look next time I'm home during the day... ! Thank you for visiting my blog. Cut Short is available now on if you're interested.