Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fine Dinner Conversation

Photo Credit: Scandanavian Log Cabins Direct
On Sunday evening we went out to Montana's for supper. It was one of those days when nobody wanted to cook and, coincidentally, V had a gift card given to her by her employer. The supper out is neither here nor there, but V noticed a large set of moose antlers hanging above our table and the following discussion gives you a taste of the conversation that occurs a Davidson meal. It's not 'Charlie Sheen' crazy...there were no warlocks or Vatican assassins discussed...but in retrospect it seemed a tad odd.

V:  "God must have a sense of humour to inflict a set of antlers like that on a creature that has to navigate through thick woods."

AD:  "I understand that moose aren't native to this island. Perhaps they wandered through open fields back in their native land."

V:  "I suppose..."

AD:  "Anyway, don't they rub their antlers against tree trunks to remove that fur every season?"

The Boy:  "Dad...it's not fur. It's velvet..."

AD:  "And...did you know that there are people who go into the woods and scrape that velvet from the tree trunks, package it up and ship it to factories in the United States? They use it to make those fine portraits of Elvis that are shipped around the world."

*Stunned silence falls across the table*

Does anyone want to take credit for this picture?


Gigi said...

Popped over from The Inside....Out. And I must say, that conversation sounds just like one that our little family might have - so I didn't find it odd at all. But what the other's might think, I've no idea.

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

I don't know what's funnier, your dinner conversation or the line under the velvet Elvis/Jesus photo! "Does anyone want to take credit for his picture?" BUahahahahaha!

Aaron Polson said...

Ha! I haven't been to Graceland, but I did shop across the street...velvet everywhere.

Jarmara Falconer said...

OMG! Jesus and Elvis in the same picture.... Sorry, but there is something so wrong about that. Jesus was the son of God, But Elvis he was only the King of Rock & Roll... It's just not Rock & Roll more like Chalk & Cheese.

And, to think there was outcry when John Lennon said, "They were more famous than Jesus." [or something like that]

Laurita said...

Fun times with the Davidsons. Never a dull moment. I thought the whole conversation was pretty hilarious, but I nearly lost it with your comment under the picture.

Natalie L. Sin said...

I want a velvet painting of Kishidan. I'm brave enough to admit that.

Michael Solender said...

har! when i lived in la, every street corner in the world had a band of entrepreneurs selling velvet elvi! Too funny

Danielle Ferries said...

I wonder what eavesdroppers on the conversation might have thought. Not that I would ever eavesdrop on a conversation in a restaurant :)

Kara McElhinny said...

OMG, I just saw that photo at a flea market about two years ago... I won't take credit for it, but that thing is haunting me, I swear it is.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahaha! Your family sounds much like mine Alan, (though I try hard to avoid particpating in the talk and just listen).

Thanks for sharing this, a great laugh for Friday morn!

Alan W. Davidson said...

Gigi- Thanks for dropping by (and for validating the normality of our family conversation). I was getting a bit worried...

Cathy- I figured the photo worked. Not surprised that the source I borrowed it from did not cite where it came from...

Aaron- I was there once, years ago, and resisted the temptation to purchase one of those velvet beauties.

Jarmara- Yeah, folks were pretty touchy about stuff John said. You're right, the picture seems very wrong (yet probably hangs in thousands of households in certain regions of the US).

Laurita- He, he, he. And I thought that nobody noticed stuff like that.

Nat- And I don't doubt that one exists somewhere out there. If not, you should tell one of those manufacturers there's a market open out there!

Michael- Ha. At first read I thought you said "velvet evil" but then I noticed it was "elvi". Nice plural, but evil works as well.

Danielle- You? Eavesdrop? One day you might here something that's PERFECT for a horror story.

Kara- And that's not a good haunting. "Serendipity, the Velvet Horror..."

(coming to a theatre near you)

Deanna- Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now go be quirky with your family!

pegjet said...

Elvis looks like Gene Simmons from KISS.
Jesus has a tee shirt.
Nice jab at your neighbors to the south.
I do think God has a sense of humor, and moose are not the only indicators.
Course, his humor is getting a bit of competition from AW...

just saying.