Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Awards and Guys in Fat Suits

I've had a few days of R & R since the end of the contest and am ready to resume the regularly scheduled programming...whatever that is. I am still unable to post comments at a lot of blogs. I hate blogger.

Thanks again to all who entered and participated in some fashion during the run of the contest. Laurita and I will be meeting shortly to package up the books and send them off to the recipients. You can expect those to arrive before the snow flies.

It's business as usual about here. Not a lot of drama. I had my final basketball game of the season last night. There were only four players per team, so no substitutions meant no time off the court. It was an exhausting hour. Fortunately, we had on hand several tanks of oxygen, a defibrillator and a Saint Bernard with a tiny keg of brandy.

Hit zero gravity button...
 The boy had his grade 9 carnival last week at the school. That is the year-end activity the school now holds instead of a graduation ceremony and dance. It's a fun evening at the school with lots of fun schtuff set up. The bouncy castle, fly-paper wall
and the sumo suits were but a few of the activities. They found that the formal affairs were getting out of hand. The ball gowns, tuxes and limos were getting a bit much for their age bracket and those in charge chose to take a step back. Good choice.

*Sniff* I'm a little verklempt right now
They also held a 'Student Choice Awards' where the grade nine's could vote for their peers in several categories. Best smile, most unique hair style (male and female), best strut (male and female) and most forgetful were a few of the categories. Sean's friend 'K' won the award for student most likely to  'take over the world'. I am proud to announce that Sean brought home the award for 'Funniest Student'. I quizzed him on that...funny as in 'strange' or funny 'Ha-ha'. It makes a difference, and the answer will also determine what side of the family THAT came from. I reminded him that the honour wasn't likely to help him much in his goal of gaining entry to the Marine Institute here in St. John's...no matter how many Billy Connolly jokes he told.


Gigi said...

So glad to hear they've done away with the dance and all the cost it brings! Wish they would do that here!

Funniest Student, huh. I DO wonder which side of the family that came from....

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Hee hee! Congratulations to Sean! You must be SO proud! That's a good idea, the carnival... my Gus has his grade 8 graduation in a few weeks.. Lucky for me he thinks his grandfather's suit is vintage and cool so that'll save me a couple hundred bucks. Woo Hoo!
Oh, and glad you survived the basketball game... don't you guys think you should have an ambulance on stand-by for that kind of activity? Maybe one of those bus-type ambulances?

Kat said...

Lol. Poor kid.

Yea!! For R&R!!!

Sorry I missed the contest. Wish I had known about it much sooner, Alan. That's the problem with the witness protection program...you miss all the best stuff!


The artist formerly known as Kat.


David Barber said...

Alan, an award your son should be proud of. Good to see you back to normal. Have you tried changing your browser? I seem to be able to leave comments using safari and firefox. IE is the one that plays up most. You could also empty you browsing history, cookies and cache, etc. That was a bit of advice I was given too.

Good luck and see you around.

K.C. Shaw said...

Congratulations to Sean! Hey, that's an important award! He'll go far, that kid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan, when you sign into blogger, uncheck the 'stay signed in' box. It seems to work :)

Alan W. Davidson said...

Gigi- True enough. There will be times for formality at other points in their lives. I haven't a clue where it comes from. I just hope that being funny gets him a job that makes enought to support us in our old age.

Cathy- Hope Gus' formal went well. 'Vintage' can save a lot of money. If he was a girl he could go through 'V's closets and find stuff from the 70's...speaking of the 70's...I hope they bring velour shirts back soon.

Kat- Hey, long time no see. Sorry you missed the contest too. I can imagine the sordid tale you would have spun. WPP...har! Thanks for dropping by, Kat (or whatever your real name is).

David- Thanks for the advise. I tried Firefox, but it won't let me comment either. Something about cookies or cache (and those were deleted, so I'm not sure why it thought they were a problem).

KC- Yeah, I'm the 'Funny' will get him far in the navy. Until he annoys someone important and gets hung unside down from a mast. Or keel hauled or made to walk the plank (yup, we still have those in the Canadian navy...)

Niki- You're a genious! How could such a simple thing cause so much trouble for so long? Thanks...I'm up and commenting (as you can see). Cyber-hugs to you!

Anton Gully said...

You can never tell too many Billy Connolly jokes.

It's impossible.

Velour? Seriously? Velour?

Velour went out of fashion? Pfft. As if.

Alan W. Davidson said...

How's it going Gully? True about the Connolly jokes. I must see if they sell velour at some online fashion barn.

When did you become such a fan oh hydroponics?

Kat said...

You never know Alan. I mighta wrote a clean one.


It does happen from time to time. ;D