Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vanity Project- Part VIII

Just me and the boy...

It occurred to me that in that last family post I didn't include a photo of Sean. I have posted three below from the archives.

This one was shortly after we found the lad in the cabbage patch. I'm sure that 'V' has a different version of how we acquired the boy. Note that I am looking feverishly for the instruction manual that was supposed to be included.

I think this was taken in 2007. We were over on Bell Island and took the tour of the abandoned iron ore mine. Spooky. Whoa, look how short the kid is. It's hard to believe that he's nearly as tall as me now!

On vacation last year. Somewhere warmer and with nicer water than around here. I look very svelt when photographed from the shoulders up. I should insist that I only be photographed this way in the future.


Gigi said...

It's utterly amazing how quickly they grow; isn't it? He went from baby to big boy in no time flat (according to these pictures!)

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

I have decided to only photograph myself from the eyebrows up.
I love the mine picture.... cabbage patch kid hasn't changed a bit since then...just taller and balder... HEY! Maybe the bald head means he is now a fully ripe cabbage.

Laurita said...

Look at sweet itty bitty Sean. Funny how you really don't notice them growing until you look at photos. Then it's like "Woah! What happened!"