Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fluff and Nonsense

The word count for the the NaNo story is now at 29,300 but the going is slow. I am not meeting my week day quotas as I am beyond anything I outlined before the month started. So progress is slow.

We're off to visit my parents late this afternoon to take them out to dinner and then to a Senior Men's hockey game in the nearby town of Harbour Grace (the home of Dan Cleary of the Detroit Red Wings, for anyone hockey inclined). It's their birthday today so nothing says Happy Birthday in Canada more than dinner out and hockey. Yes, you read that correctly...both of them celebrate their birthday today. Dad is 68 and mum is 65. True pensioners now, the pair of them.

The next chance I'll have to type up anything into Word will be tomorrow night. So I'll have to rely on the old fashioned pen-to-paper for any progress for a while. I don't quite know, at the current rate of progress, how I'm going to squeeze out 20K words in just 8 days...yikes, let the crap flow (which is sort of a local joke regarding the state of the harbour at times). There's not enough character description going on, not enough conflict, almost no symbolism and generally not enough exposition. So I should be serving up a lot of fluff and nonsense for the next few days...thanks all, for the continued kind words of support (and yet you still return to endure my whining!)

As I look back on the post I notice that I have uses a lot of brackets. Apologies for that (it's kind of how my brain has been working the past 21 days)...and a lot of those dot thingies as well.


Aaron Polson said...

Mmmm...I love fluff. Keep at it, Alan. Good things happen between the brackets.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Fluff can be delicious : ) And remember: Nano isn't over until the last writer is curled in a ball, weeping.

Kat said...

I dunno, Alan...(I like dot thingies too and brackets!)...sounds like you're doing alright to me. I quit NaNo...just not into the restrictions, lol. Gotta be a free spirit.

Good luck!


Laura Eno said...

I try not to use too many dot thingies...or very many brackets (although they do come in handy at times) Keep writing is the important thing.

Cate Gardner said...

Stop stressing. If you finish it a few days into December who cares. God, I sound like the evil demon on your shoulder.

Akasha Savage said...

I like the dot thingies...and the brackets (makes a piece of writing look more interesting).

I share my birthday with my daughter...I love it!

Keep're doing good....

katey said...

What Aaron said. Anyhow, exposition, description, and symbolism usually come off better when left to a more cool-headed second draft, right? Right!

That's adorable about them sharing a birthday. My Grandma was one day older than my Granddad. He never let her forget it! :D

Alan W. Davidson said...

Aaron-I like that thought about the brackets.

Natalie-I will be weeping by next Sunday night.

Kat-Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Laura-I will keep going...and congrats to you, Ms. Eno, just a stone throw away from 50K.

Cate-Stress is my middle name (hance the grey hair).

Akasha-Many thanks (and shared birthdays are good).

Katey-True...that stuff may not see the light of day until revision 4, or 5, or 6...