Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are You Canadian?

In a continuation of the moose talk from the previous post...

I have come to enjoy my visits to Not From Here, Are You? the blog of Michael J. Solender of Charlotte, North Carolina. He combines a refreshing mix of humour and personal insight into his poetry and short stories and often turns the reigns over to guest writers. His blog is affectionately known as 'The Not' to those that loaf about there.

Michael has announced this morning that he will be hosting an upcoming "Canada Week" and is seeking submissions from those of us of the "Northern Persuasion" for his Canada week-long literary fest and Moose hunt. Click the link above to head over to his blog for all the gory details.

I am shocked and surprised that he dares to expose himself and our other American cousins to the unique Canadiana style of writing (as influenced by the endless hours of hockey on the television and F*%$ing long and snowy winters). All Canadians, visit Michael J. Solender and his legion of followers at his blog and strut your Canadian stuff regardless if you are from the sunny, tulip-filled gardens of Victoria or the hilly, foggy streets of St. John's.
Note that the submissions are only open to those of us fortunate enough to be Canadian (did that sound like gloating? I'm sorry, I must apologize...) but please pass the message on to all Canadian writers that may lurk at your blog.

How will our cousins recognize us, you ask? The Canadians will be the ones dashing across the street, ignoring heavy traffic, to have coffee and doughnuts at Tim Hortons. We are ignoring the traffic because we know that we will be covered for health care when shmucked by a bus, regardless of where we live or how much we make (that being said, we are indeed paying much more in taxes and therefore drink our coffee at Timmys because we can not afford to drink at Starbucks).


Elspeth Antonelli said...

I shall head over and have a look, whilst waving my flag in one hand and holding a Tim Hortons coffee in the other. And yes, I agree completely about purchasing coffee at Timmy's rather than Starbucks, especially as the dreaded date of April 30th draws ever closer.

Michael Solender said...

I LIVE for Tim Hortons, please send him down here immediately!! Thanx AWD for spreading the word!

Michael Solender said...

Oh, BTW it is open to NEWFIES too!!


Who says I don't get Canadian humor???

Laurita said...

Good ol' Timmy Ho's. The great thing about it is everyone lives right next door to one.

I love the NOT so I think I'll attempt to be Canadian enough for this one.

Natalie L. Sin said...

I understand: I have a huge boner for Dunkin' Donuts, myself.

DEZMOND said...

you just gotta love Canadians after reading a post like this :)

Aaron Polson said...

Not a coffee drinker or Canadian, but I would still get my coffee and doughnuts at Tim Hortons. Cheers, eh?

Cathy Olliffe said...

Don't cha just love being in an exclusive club sometimes?!

Kat said...

I'm still struggling with the notion that y'all don't have flip-top heads. I mean, I can't believe South Park deceived me! Lmao!

Kidding. I look forward to seeing what y'all come up with! ;D

Alan W. Davidson said...

Elspeth- Man, don't even talk to me about taxes...I've learned to leave it to the professionals as they are better at math than I.

Michael- My pleasure. You noted that it's "open to Newfies too." You realize that that statement touches on a couple of sensative issues to some Newfoundlanders. The term Newfie, an affectionate nickname given to locals by other parts of Canada, is considered by a small minority here to be a derogatory term.

Did you also know that this island was a British Dominion until 1949 and the fact that it became part of Canada was not embraced by all? There still exists here a grumbling of those who desire independence...heavy political stuff, perhaps a topic I can post on some other day.

Laurita- by being 'Canadian enough', are you setting aside being a Newfoundlander (oops, continued from previous blog). Please pass on an idea to me!

Nat- Timmies is the place for coffee (I think they put some addicting agent in it...) The only place I've ever seen Dunkin' Donuts in Canada is in Quebec. I really liked their doughnuts ;)

Dez- Thanks, we shall make you Canadian for a day!

Aaron- I understand they are opening more US stores soon...perhaps one will appear in Kansas.

Cathy-Yep, some folks think I'm very special ;)

Kat- Flip-top heads, LOL. It's nice to see that we are well thought of in other parts of the world.

DEZMOND said...

or you can just send me some of those Canadian Moose Droppings (those from the picture off course :) don't want any surprise packages with "the real thing"!!! )

katey said...

Man the last time I was in Canada I thought the whole Tim Hortons thing was just a joke. We had one or two when I lived in Ohio, I figured it wouldn't be that weird.

No. It's like Starbucks in LA, I swear. (It's also awesome, because Tim Hortons actually has good coffee. Unlike Starbucks.)