Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The WIP is Slain, Eh?

It was a balmy 16 degrees C (62 degrees F for those of you who won't convert) on the Rock today. A mere 2 degrees away from my change in wardrobe from parka and snow pants to muscle shirts, Speedos and thongs (that would be the floppy shoe). It seemed very nice, viewing the outdoors from my fishbowl. At least the dog seemed to enjoy it. Please refer to attached photo demonstrating his unbridled glee. Or perhaps it was just gas.

After the mandatory 8.5 hours of work, I switched from my drafting pajamas to my velvet robe and fez I wear during my writing hell bliss. I went through the second draft of my first-person story bitter rant stunning essay entitled Canada and America: The Great Divide. It is done. Fin. Laid to rest.

This is my entry to Michael J. Solender for his upcoming 'All-Canadian' week at his blog Not From Here, Are You? Even as we speak, it is deftly navigating the vacuum of cyberspace much as Sidney Crosby has navigated the ice surface of Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh.


Cathy Olliffe said...

When is that thar Canadian thing being posted on that Yankee site anyway?
And what's up with your dog? Is he dead? Are you sure?
Don't you ever feed that thing?
It looks like he ate a mean to say he ate a plant when your fez was available?
Was the plant poisonous? Is that why he's dead?
And what's a fin have to do with Canadian week anyway? There's no sharks here, are there? Other than lawyers, I mean?
And somebody named an arena after a cantaloupe?
What the hell were they thinking?
And what's a floppy shoe got to do with your underwear?
Alan, are you high?

K.Hinny said...

Alan, it's nice to hear that you finished up your story. :D Good luck with it! (Personally i think words like sifting through cyberspace. It gives them a chance to breathe and they can play with the other words for a little bit.)

Your fez and velvet coat sound quite intriguing. Do you have a picture? I've never seen a fez before cept on TV...

Natalie L. Sin said...

That is one happy, potentially flatulent dog!

Anonymous said...

kh -here ya go:

Rebecca Nazar said...

Fin. Laid to rest. A done deal. Good for you, oh Canadian! Enjoy a Molson wrapped in Canadian bacon with your dog. I know I would.

Fez, really? ; )

Alan W. Davidson said...

Cathy- You're a woman of many questions. It is the smog-free air here that gives the impression of 'highness' (honest).

Hinny- THanks. That's a nice thought, words playing and breathing in cyberspace. The fez? Doh! You must have missed my post from April 1...Inspiration in Reading.

Nat- How well you can read my dog. We stuff him with probiotic yogurt, yet the bombs are still dropped!

Anton- Thanks for redirecting Mr. Hinny to the definition of Fez...however I do not where that young man (you ass...)

Becca- Thanks! I may have to leave the bacon off that Molson for fear of cardiac arrest. See comments above regarding fez...or Fez.

Laurita said...

Funny, your dog and I did the same thing upon seeing the sunshine.

Glad to hear your Candian essay is done. I'm stuck in the tar sands of no plot.

Laura Eno said...

I much preferred my image of thong to your explanation of said word.
I'm sorry that we haven't converted from F to C. We are very stubborn, but you already know this.
My dog uses the same pose, but on a heated waterbed - quite spoiled. :)
I'm looking forward to your Canadian rant. :)

Kat said... you've been giving your puppy break dancing lessons again? No boo-hooing when your back goes out!

Congrats on finishing your Canadian essay...but "enquiring minds" gotta it Canadian enough? I mean, if I wring the paper dry will I get Maple Syrup? Tell me, Man! Tell me! Hehehe.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Laurita- What? Not done? I thought you were finishing it up a few days ago. Ka-tush! [sound of Alan cracking the whip]

Laura- Believe me, the image of me and thong together is not something you'd want to see! Hence my clarifying it so nobody would fall into madness at the thought...heated waterbed for the dog? Will you adopt me?

Kat- There are definately Canadian overtones to the thing, though I do poke at the Americans a bit...

Kat said...

Hmmm...poke at the Americans a bit...your plan to pique my curiosity is working. Must read what vile--I mean--sage words you've written. Lmao!

Aaron Polson said...

Speaking as an American (er, a USer), I think "we" can take fair bit of poking. Even deserve some, you know?

K.C. Shaw said...

Your dog looks very, very comfortable. Or uncomfortable, I can't decide.

Congrats on the slaying--er, of your WIP, not your dog.

katey said...

Mwahaha Americans love being poked. (Innuendo? Whatever can you mean?)

I enjoyed the reference to the velvet robe and fez. That is an awesome mental image.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Kat- You again? I kinda figured the 'poking' comment would get your attention. Smut-meister.

Aaron- I shall dish it out then (and start wearing my Kevlar underpants).

KC- Thanks. I thought it was a cool pic as the body shape of a greyhound doesn't lend him to get into that position very easily.

Katey- I like how you notice the little things. I'm still working on my innuendo technique.

kathryn said...

Well nevertheless, thank you for the translation over to Fahrenheit, as I am one of the die-hards of which you speak. I was also happy to see you make the distinction between your flippies and your thong, as they are most definitely two different things.

Doggie looks uber-comfy...if he shifts a little to the left, there should be enough room for me.

DEZMOND said...

It was 26*C today here in Europe, and it will be almost 28 tomorrow (and everybody is going outside to celebrate the Labour Day).
I hate summer and love winter, can I please move to Canada??????