Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Necrotic MooseTissue...and a Moose

In my mailbox yesterday morning, I found...

No, not a quart of maple syrup or a bag of flaming dog crap. It was the latest issue of Necrotic Tissue. Number 10 to be exact. With trembling fingers I ripped open the bubble wrap to reveal it in all it's shiny, blue splendour. I was beginning to wonder if it was going to make it to the island. So many of you commented a while back about receiving yours already. The post mark indicates it was mailed March 26 from Minnesota. Perhaps it stopped off in Ottawa for a bit of sightseeing or Montreal for some fine dining.

At any rate, I'm ready to dive into the "40,000 words of yummy horror goodness" as noted on the cover. I am pleased that Aaron Polson has made the cut with his short story The Distillery and Katey Taylor is also in the ToC with her 100 word bite Hostile Takeover. Needless to say I'm giddy with excitement for both of them. Or perhaps I've had too much coffee this any rate, help out the small press and order up your copy today from the people at Necrotic Tissue.

Regarding the moose. As something of a PSA I should mention that we are fast approaching moose season with more of the beasts being spotted daily. I recall in the first few weeks moving here that I thought it cute that they did 'moose sighting reports' on the radio. "How quaint," I said to myself. I have heard that there's anywhere between 120,000 and 150,00 moose on the island. Most of them seem to lurk about the Trans Canada Highway, ready to prance out in front of unsuspecting vehicles. There are several hundred moose-vehicle accidents in Newfoundland every year (seriously). They really seem to be encroaching into suburbia this year. I guess that's only fair as we've been encroaching into their area for years.
I'll leave you with some kinder, gentler moose images taken by a co-worker of my wife's a couple of weeks ago. Notice how the crafty critter stealthily evades the fine members of the RNC. It's a baby...a calf or calve, or pup...or foal. Something like that...

Leave me alone! I just wants a walk in Pippy Park.
"Don't you dare crap on this taxpayer's lawn!"
I can beat you in a foot race any day, copper.
I'm not goin' for a ride with mum told me to never talk to strangers.


Michael Solender said...

Moose on the loose.

Alan be sure you write for my upcoming all - Canadian week - long lit fest and moose hunt. details coming.

Cathy Olliffe said...

Nice moose!
Hey, guess what!
Me and my beloved are coming to Newfoundland for our honeymoon in September. Maybe we can stop by for cheesecake!

Cathy Olliffe said...

Oh god.
Now you'll think I'm a stalker.
Hey, any consolation, I'm going to bug Laurita, too.

Cate Gardner said...

That moose is scary.

Oh and you are in for a Necrotic Tissue treat. Enjoy.

Laurita said...

Oooh, Necrotic Tissue. Fun!

Cute pics of the moose. They aren't so nice to see when you're racing up the Southern Shore in the fog. Still they do have sort of a gawky charm.

katey said...

OMG MOOSE. Dude, that is awesome. Moose in the yard. I don't even know what to say.

Yay Necrotic Tissue! Here's hoping it entertains. I'm halfway through mine (though I flipped to Aaron's story first).

Aaron Polson said...

I love wildlife. Now a moose in the yard, that's a little rare. We had a deer run down our street once. No moose, but hey--it's Kansas.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Aww, I just want to kiss his velvety nose : )

DEZMOND said...

Oh, poor moose, imagine how those poor little animals feel when they get lost in a city or town :((((

Laura Eno said...

Moose can do a lot of damage to a car...

Kat said...

Holy Moly! That's a baby? Wow. And I thought deer were bad--yikes!

Alan W. Davidson said...

MIchael- thanks for passing on the All-Canadian-lit-fest information...does one need a sidearm when bringing a story to visit at the NOT?

Cathy (aka stalker lady)- Woo, hoo!...coming to the honeymoon mecca of Canada...Newfoundland. Umm, what happened to Niagara Falls? Some close it for September?

I will try to arrange a BBQ or something like that with appropriate Newfoundland cuisine like cheesecake and smoked caplin.

Cate- I of course went directly to Aaron's and Katey's stories and was not dissappointed.

Laurita- The fog does add and extra element of danger at peak moose periods. I haven't seen one up close to comment on their gawky charm.

Katey- that's what I always do with my NT...go to the stories of those I know first.

Aaron- man, I would have thought that Kansas would be teeming with wildlife (never mind that you live in a city).

Natalie- You go for it, girl! Indulge your inner moose fetish.

Dezmond- I'm sure that you're right that the moose and deer are terrified when they get lost in a city.

Laura- We see the damage to the vehicles fairly regulary on the news. There are some nasty photos out there on the internet.

Kat- I think a full grown moose can reach 6-7 ft tall and over 1000lbs.

Kat said...

"I think a full grown moose can reach 6-7 ft tall and over 1000lbs."

Ah. Huh. Yeah, good luck with that! ;D

DEZMOND said...

While I was growing up on a farm (yep, it's true :)) we often had baby deer or Bambies :) and foxes in our fields, and they were always much more scared from us, than we from them. I hate seeing animals in ZOO's and circuses, and it's also always very disturbing when you see a wild animal lost in an urban area.