Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

It was a bit hectic about here on the weekend because of the Father's Day thing. Lots of chores packed into Saturday to avoid doing anything on Sunday. We went to the annual Father's Day Lobster Fest at my sister-in-laws place (see attached photos). A great time was had by all. Only drawbacks were: 1) that my father-in-law showed up there 2 hours early (at 10am) with the lobsters all giddy with excitement about dropping them in the pot). And 2) my parents van conked out on them after the 2 hour drive to get here. Aside from that, all was good.

These are before and after shots of the "to be condemned". Also is a close-up of a caplin, a small fish caught here that is best consumed fried or smoked (as shown). A friend of my father-in-law fishes for lobster and donated 21 to our cause...yum. And don't get the wrong idea. People here don't live off of lobster, or crab, or moose, or caribou, or even arctic hare. You've got to have everything in moderation. Damn! better use up those squirrels before they get freezer burned (just kidding!)


K.C. Shaw said...

I just realized I've never eaten lobster. I'm not a big fan of seafood--I was 20 before my brother talked me into trying shrimp (and now I love it). It sounds like you had a good time. :)

Catherine J Gardner said...

Ah! That poor smoked fish looks so sad. Which I suppose we all would if we were dead. :)

I love smoked fish.

Natalie L. Sin said...

F*ck, I miss lobster.

Don't get me wrong, I like the midwest, but there are times when I painfully miss the ocean.

Jameson T. Caine said...

Lobster is my personal catnip. The sight and smell drives me up the nearest wall with frenzied desire.

Alan W. Davidson said...

KC - fish is my seafood of choice. I had only had lobster once (Red Lobster) before moving here.

Cate - I love the smoked fish too...his sad look disappeared when I ate him (you eat them heads, fins, and all).

Nat - I grew up on the Pacific and missed it effin bad for 20 years in's great to be back near the ocean!

Jameson - Catnip, eh ? (oops, my Canadian showing). I like the lobster once a year, give me a good steak...