Friday, January 25, 2013

Tipping My Hat on the 25th

What kind of a Scotsman am I anyway?

I awoke to the morning show folks on the radio discussing the fact that it was Robert Burns Day and that, of course, leads to the topic of haggis. Or is it 'Haggis' with a capital 'Haitch'?

This yummy visual courtesy of

As I was saying, the morning show crew surprised me by the announcement that it was Burns Day and one of the guys mentioned that haggis "looks like the kind of thing people ate before they invented food" ...I can't says as I can argue against that.

I was once visiting with my cousin as a boy and we were digging about in the kitchen cupboards, foraging for food, and came across a tin of haggis. I didn't know that haggis was tinned. I thought that it was one of those beasties that was freshly slain in the morning and served up at supper time with a wee dram (or four) of the hard stuff.

Regardless of what you are eating tonight, have a wee toast of your favourite beverage to remember Robert Burns on his 254th birthday. Unless you forget about the day. Like I did.

I will close with a quote that I believe is attributed to the great man...

"There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing".

Well said.