Monday, December 10, 2012

...and the Monkey is Included in the Price of the Benno?

photo courtesy of Bronwyn Page
 You kinda had to figure that it would take a monkey story to bring me out of my slumber.

Yes, the blogosphere has been positively electric the past 24hours with updates on Darwin, the 8 month old rhesus macaque that was found in the parking lot of a Toronto Ikea store yesterday. One's first thought is that the little bugger had escaped from the zoo. However, his diaperclad butt and his double-breasted shearling coat might be reason enough for one to speculate that he had fled from his style-conscious owners.

And yes...ownership of monkeys is illegal in Toronto. I'm sure that it's the same in pretty much all Canadian municipalities. You can link to the first story I found this morning here by the Toronto Sun. His condition was updated in the afternoon in a Globe and mail story found here. They indicated that he was, "...having a bad day" however they did locate a temporary home for him at a primate shelter NE of Toronto. A tough day, indeed. Way worse than mayor Rob Ford's situation of late.

I have already been reminded today by 'she who shall not be named' that I am in need of a new winter coat and even the monkey is better dressed than me. Don't get me wrong. I really feel for the little guy. Stolen from his mother in a foreign country, taken to Montreal and forced to learn French...OK, so I'm exaggerating a bit. I think that people who smuggle creatures like little Darwin should be locked up in jail. That's my political statement for the day.

On a more commercial note, there are probably thousands of children around the world today pleading with their parents..."If I can't have a pony then I want one of THOSE for Christmas!"

Perhaps somebody is already hard at work--marketing little Darwin dolls. Complete with interchangeable coats and tiny optional hats. And when you pull the string the little dear poops into its diaper.

Over and out. Hope that you all are having a better day than Darwin.


Gigi said...

Personally, I think the animals are planning a revolt. So far in the past week, I've heard about this little guy, a zebra and a donkey (I think) running down a street in New York, and a camel getting loose somewhere and running down the street.

Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

And as for "she who shall not be named?" If she says you need a new winter coat, then you definitely need a new winter coat!

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

What's really astounding is the owner is a lawyer. She knows the law but like so many she thinks she's above it. So does the mayor of Toronto! Ikea sure got a share of free advertising!
Hey I'm so glad you came to blog and hope you have more posts to come along:)

Entre Nous said...

Hey Hi from the falling off the cliff side of the world!!!At least the monkey had a coat, , don't think may of us here will be buying new coats this year :}}}}

Alan W. Davidson said...

Thanks, ladies, for the kind comments.

I have also been residing in the "falling off the cliff side of the world."

Entre Nous said...

Oh gosh have you seen the facebook advebtures of THAT money with his cat owner????? THEY ARE A HOOT!!!!!